Learning Format

Through animated lesson videos in S.MI.L.E, children can easily pick up Math concepts from the visual cues and storytelling, and learn via an engaging medium.

Content Design

Our content creators and program designers are experienced former teachers from Singapore’s Ministry of Education and successful private tutors with more than 20 years of combined experience. They bring a unique blend of know-how and creative strategies into the program, to bring lessons to life.

Structure in Learning

Lessons are topical; S.M.I.L.E follows Common Core curriculum and uses Singapore Math methodology, and serves to complement what is taught in school.

Features of S.M.I.L.E

  • Fully animated lesson videos for learning ease

  • Created by experienced former teachers from Singapore’s Ministry of Education

  • Close to 80 lesson videos per grade

  • Quizzes and downloadable worksheets

  • Based on Singapore Math methodology aligned to Common Core

  • Suitable for Grade 1 - 6 students

Watch Our Sample Videos!

Grade 1 - Whole Numbers

Introducing Number Bonds, the Part-Part-Whole concept in Whole Numbers. Learning Addition becomes a little more fun with our visual storytelling!

Grade 2 - Volume

Measuring volume of liquids in litres and millilitres. Do you know what those marking on the container is for?

Grade 3 - Fractions

Learn about fractions and unit fractions. On a quest to search for the magical lamp, David and Sandy is met with a challenging puzzle...

Grade 4 - Numbers

Practice using "Total changed" concept to solve a word problem. Experience first hand how model diagrams breaks down complex question.

Grade 5 - Percentage

Learn how to calculate Percentage and Interest . Sandy's house is undergoing a renovation. Can you help her calculate the interest incurred? Don't miss out the additional practice question at the end!

Grade 6 - Algebra

Forming an algebraic expression from a word problem. Sandy distributed candies to an orphanage. Observe how she form an expression and take note of the common misunderstanding!

Topic Breakdown and Coverage

Grade One

Topic Breakdown for Grade 1

Whole Number - Place Values, Counting in Groups of Ten, Number Patterns, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Grouping, Ordinal numbers, Comparison “More, Less, Fewer”.

Money - Counting in Cents up to $1 and Dollars up to $100.

Shapes - 2-D and 3-D basic shapes.

Statistics - Reading data from Picture Graphs.

Time - Telling time to the Hour and Half Hour.

Length - Learning Measurement with Objects.

Grade Two

Topic Breakdown for Grade 2

Whole Numbers - Place values, Compare and Order in Number Patterns, Odd and Even Numbers, Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication/Division (four operations), Multiplication/Division by 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10.

Fractions - Be introduced to the idea of Fractions.

Length - Measure in Centimetres and Metres, Inches and Feet.

Mass - Introducing and measuring in Kilograms and Grams.

Money - Learn and practice Conversion of Dollars and Cents as well as US denominations.

Time - Tell time to 5 Minutes, in a.m. and p.m., calculate Duration in Hours and Half Hour.

Volume - Learn and measure in Millimetres and Litres and US units for liquid volume.

Statistics - Read data from Picture Graphs with Scales.

Grade Three

Topic Breakdown for Grade 3

Whole Number - More revision on Compare and Order, Thousands Place Value, Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication/Division (four operations), Division with Remainder, Multiplication Tables (6, 7, 8 & 9), Multiplying 3-digit with 1-digit.

Area - Learn about Area of Rectangle, Square, Triangle.

Fraction - Study on Unit Fractions, Addition/Subtraction of Like Fractions. Learn and practice on Equivalent Fractions, express in Simplest Form, Compare and Order fractions, Addition/Subtraction of Related Fractions.

Length - Measure in Inches (in.), Feet (ft), Centimetres (cm), Metres (m) and Kilometres (km), Conversion between Units.

Lines - Learn Parallel and Perpendicular lines.

Mass - Practice conversion between Grams and Kilograms, as well as US units for mass..

Money - Addition/Subtraction in Decimal Notation.

Perimeter - Learn about Perimeter of Rectangles and Squares.

Time - Tell time with “Past” and “To”, conversion of Hours to Minutes and vice-versa, calculating Start Time, End Time and Duration.

Volume - Convert between Millimetres and Litres, as well as US units for volume.

Statistics - Read data from Bar Graphs.

Grade Four

Topic Breakdown for Grade 4

Whole Number - Compare and Order up to 100,000, an introduction to various concepts for Problem Solving and identifying Solutioning Concepts (Constant Difference, Constant Total, Constant Part, Working Backwards, Guess & Check, Total Changed, Excess-Shortage, Excess-Excess, Shortage-Shortage), Number Patterns, Factors (Common Factors, Simplifying Factors), Multiples (Common Multiples, Lowest Common Denominator), Rounding Off.

Angles - Learn about the different types of angles. Measuring, drawing a given size, Parallel and Perpendicular Lines, learn about Turns involving Cardinal Points.

Length- How to convert between SI and US system of measurement.

Mass- How to convert between SI and US system of measurement.

Area- Given the area, find the dimensions of a rectangle or a square. Find the area of composite figures.

Volume - How to convert between SI and US system of measurement.

Time- Read in Digital and Analogue, 24-hour Format, learn concepts on and practice word sums on Duration, Start and Finish Times.

Symmetry- Identify and determine Lines.

Fractions - Identify and convert Mixed and Improper Fractions, Additions/Subtractions with Remainders, Addition/Subtraction with Different Denominators, finding Remainder of a Whole.

Decimals - Conversion of Fractions into Decimals, Rounding Off, more practice on Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication/Division (four operations).

Grade Five

Topic Breakdown for Grade 5

Whole Numbers - Practice questions on various concepts of solving word problems from Grade 4, solve word problems given two given relationships.

Fractions - Pick up problem-solving concepts on Making Equal, Order and Comparison, Making Same for Numerators and Denominators, Subtraction with Remainder, Branch Drawing.

Rate - Read rates from Charts, work on problem sums involving Volume, Rate Inverse, Direct Proportion.

Ratio - Practice using Direct Proportion, leverage on problem-solving concepts learnt previously to solve word problems between two ratios e.g., Constant Parts, Constant Total, Constant Difference, Total Changed.

Percentage - Learn Discount, Cost Price, Selling Price, Principal Amount and Interest.

Geometry - Learn about the Cartesian coordinate plane.

Statistics - Solving word problems involving average.

Grade Six

Topic Breakdown for Grade 6

Algebra - Learn Algebraic Expressions with concepts on Simplifying, Forming, Manipulation and Substituting Values, plus revision practices on solving word problems.

Whole Number - Problem-solving using concepts like Constant Difference, Simultaneous Concept and Excess-shortage and more.

Area / Volume - Find Lengths, Heights and Base Areas of a Cuboid, practice word sums with given volumes and base areas conditions.

Fraction - Practice word problems involving Fractions.

Speed - Study relationships between Speed and Time, Speed and Distance, Distance between 2 Points, practice understanding with problems on Time Taken, Overtaking, Difference between Average Speeds with the Distance-Speed-Time triangle, revision on word problems involving increasing and decreasing distance between 2 objects.

Rate - Practice word problems on Combined Rates and Inverse Rates.

Ratio - Strengthen concept foundations through problem sums using concepts like Constant Part, Constant Total, Constant Difference, Everything Changes and more.

Percentage - Practice problem solving on Percentage Increase, Decrease, Percentage Profit/Loss.

Inequalities - Learn about Inequalities.

Money - Solving word problems involving money.

Statistics - Read data from Tables, Line Graphs.

How to Use S.M.I.L.E More Effectively


Watch the Lesson Videos in sequence. View Lesson Videos multiple times for better understanding.


Our Lesson Videos provide Concept Learning, Revision and Practice. Try out worksheets to test what you’ve learned


Test your knowledge by attempting the quizzes. Each quiz can be done multiple times for better practice.


Follow the WATCH LEARN TEST process for subsequent topics and lessons to continuously strengthen your Math foundation

What Teachers Say About Us

"Children are able to visualize and better understand complex concepts with the aid of visual cues and animation. S.M.I.L.E has not only successfully engaged their interest but is also able to explain Mathematical concepts clearly."

- Stephanie Low,

Ex-Singapore Ministry of Education Teacher, M.D (Applied Psychology), P.G.D Ed, B. Sc

"I found that S.M.I.L.E engages my students differently from text-based resources. Children are able to visualize and better understand complex concepts with the aid of visual cues and animation.

S.M.I.L.E is suitable for and enables self-directed learning as it has the content, measures and assessment in place. It has certainly made learning easier for children during this difficult time.”

- Leong Lai Fong,

Ex-Singapore Ministry of Education Teacher, MA (English Studies), BA (with Dip.Ed)